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Your Plastic Pal That's Fun To Be With
I've been doing a blog mostly about work stuff for a little while and not telling anyone about it, but I just pointed endquote.com at it. It's just a little tumblr thing, but I figured if I attempted anything more ambitious I would never get it done.

It's not going to be that entertaining, but if you care about my work stuff and occasional notes about non-work stuff, there you go.
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I made a fun thing. More here.

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What are your favorite iPhone apps?

I like Twinkle (Twitter + geotagging and photos), Byline (native Google Reader client), and Klick (Flickr front-end). And of course Tetris.
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Most of my work lately revolves around Surface, which is super fun. You probably already know what it is, but if you want to know why it's interesting from an HCI/UX standpoint (or just want to know more about it), this overview is the most detailed and well-written that I've seen so far. The interesting stuff is after the videos.

I'm working on a fun, music-related internal Surface project right now that hopefully I'll be able to show off soon.

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A project I just finished with Stimulant was demoed today in front of a jillion people at MIX 08 in Vegas. The project is a prototype of a mobile social networking application -- sort of like Dodgeball, if Dodgeball had a UI.
Better quality here. Watch for the big shot of 2z and I.
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First post from a new 15" MacBook Pro.

I was working from a client's office today when I dumped an entire cup of tea into my laptop. I headed straight for the emergency room and was told that the recommended course of action was to let it dry for three weeks before turning it on. Not an option.

So now I have a new machine which is pretty much the same as my old machine, only ever-so-slightly better. I have a Time Machine backup of the old one, but am choosing to start from scratch anyway. Luckily everything important is either backed up, stored on another machine, or checked into source control.
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In an hour I'm signing a lease on an office on Broadway. Then I will have a celebratory cocktail with my new office mates Marcel, Josh, and Marie. We have a 500sq ft space and another 300sq ft across the hall for meetings and such. Assuming we can all tolerate one another, I think it'll be pretty great.

Now to find a new desk, chair, and monitor...
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For those looking for good replacement headphones for iPhone, check out the v-moda vibe duo (more). Mine just showed up. Looks great, sounds great, and includes the mic and button from the stock apple ones.
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Why hasn't the PMBA reading list concept been extended to other fields? I want a personal computer science degree.
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My first Silverlight project launched a few minutes ago. It's an interface to a database of other Silverlight applications, searchable by category, region, and keyword. There's even a tag cloud, so you know it's awesome.

Silverlight is Microsoft's competitor to Flash, so you'll need that plugin to view it.

I was responsible for all of the front-end code (JavaScript), with some help from Darren. Everything else was handled by StepChange.

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